Life Dynamics, started in the late 1990’s, is a company with an objective to motivate, equip and train people to discover and live to their fullest potential. Its core belief is that each person’s potentialities can be unleashed with well-thought and strategic interventions and external stimulus. In this endeavour, Life Dynamics provides a portfolio of human capital development and training services that will help achieve outstanding performance, resilience and success for the individual and the organization. Its goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering excellent customer service, providing a customizable solution based on client business challenges, and professionally delivering against commitments. With delivery methods that are highly creative, immensely interactive and impactful coupled with proven track record, Life Dynamics is the ideal choice for all human capital transformation initiatives.


Founder and Principal Trainer
Celine Veron Chai is a dynamic and inspiring professional trainer and speaker with background in Counseling, Human Resources and Psychology. Celine has spoken to more than 130,000 managers, executives, teachers, parents and students in the Asia Pacific region. She employs an active and interactive training style that enables participants to learn effectively as well as to thoroughly enjoy themselves.
She is also versatile in both Malay and Mandarin, which enables her participants
to be closely engaged in all that she is communicating at her sessions

Our Vision

To be a leading training consultancy and development company in Asia Pacific region that provides opportunities for continuous learning to enhance the well being and functioning of the people.

Our Mission

To provide superior training and development programs to enhance individual effectiveness and company productivity by significantly improving learning skills, personal development and relationship management.